Update: August 19, 2014

Position: 43,31.48N , 67,13.98W
Speed: 6 knots, Course: 123 deg.
UTC Time: 19. August 2014 12:01

Greetings from Canadian Waters!

Early this morning we passed the Hague Line and should be able to make our turn up the Nova Scotian coast late this evening. Yesterday was spent working through safety drills, fueling, and last minute preparations for our first offshore leg. The crew is doing great and have been working diligently on both class and vessel work assignments. Our goal is Halifax for this trip. At this point it looks as if the weather will allow this in our time frame. Time will tell. We are presently motorsailing in light NW winds @ 1100 rpms for our next waypoint, “The Corner”. This waypoint keeps us well clear of the confusion of wind and sea experienced often associated with Cape Sable. From there we turn and set course for Halifax. All is well aboard.

Capt J