Update: August 17, 2014

Position: 44,21.28N , 68,50.31W
Speed: 5 knots, Course: 229 deg.
Local Time: 17 August 2014 0950

We are underway from Nautilus Cove making for Rockland Harbor. We enjoyed our sail around the 63rd Retired Skippers race yesterday and had a good evening on the hook. This morning we did a good wash down, set sail, hauled back the anchor and sailed off the hook. Good team work for their first full day together sailing. We will be working through our safety drills for the rest of the morning as we work our way towards Rockland for the evening. Fuel is planned for the AM and then we will be looking for an opportunity to cross the Gulf of Maine when weather and training allow. The new mast is looking great and the rigging is settling in nicely. We will re-tune the mast this evening before we go offshore. All is well and spirits are good.

Capt. Jergenson