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Update: June 14

Greetings from Sandy Hook Bay,

We are very close to starting our return to Maine waters. This morning all hands turned to a field day on deck and below to prepare for this offshore leg. Lunch is being cleaned up and then on to a swim call. Then we will then haul back, set sail, and make way for Down East Maine. Please remember to visit us at the Boothbay Windjammer Days June 25-26 and again in Portland on June 28-29.

Capt. Jergenson

Update: June 11 PM

Cape Cod Canal and raid on MMA, Mass Maritime Academy. 9.7 knots at 1000 rpms. We were flying and the current was just warming up.Now we are rolling, literally rolling, towards the Race and the entrance to Long Island Sound in the AM. Only have the Fore and Staysail and still making 5 kts. 

All is well.

Capt. Jergenson

Update: June 9

Good morning. 

Breakfast is being served, final shore business is being wrapped up, and it’s time to get to sea. The crew has enjoyed a few days of R&R (mixed with plenty of ship projects). And now we are ready for longer legs and more adventure. We have an appointment with the fuel dock this morning and then off to sea. 

We will then start making tracks towards our goal of New York City and some pictures with Lady Liberty. 

All is well,

Capt. Jergenson