Update: August 24, 2014

Position: 43,8.9N , 65,21.67W
Speed: 5.5 knots, Course: 242 deg.
UTC Time: 24. August 2014 12:47

We are presently sailing under full sail towards our waypoint 12 mile south of Brazil Rock. When we are arrive at this turning point, approximately 6.21nm from us, we will harden up the sails and make for our “The Corner” waypoint. This point is still 30 miles off and we expect an after lunch arrival. This places us in a good position to take advantage of the flood tide as we start our crossing of the Gulf of Maine. Presently the wind is a pleasant NE pushing us along. Forecasts along the Maine coast are showing a return to SW breezes for our forecast. These south westerlies will be welcome for our last push to the Mount Desert area for customs. The sun is shining and the breeze is warm (for Nova Scotia) so the spirits are high. We still have some Celestial Navigation skills to refresh and assess so the work continues in earnest.

All is well,

Capt. J

Update: August 23, 2014

Position: 44,18.65N , 63,35.67W
Speed: 6 knots, Course: 242 deg.

We are underway again after a great port stop in Halifax. The students got a chance to visit historic places, tour the city, and hopefully catch up on their course work. We are presently on a starboard tack deep reaching towards Port Mouton, NS (the Nova Scotian equivalent to Florida). Depending on our speed for the next few hours we are planning on an overnight stay at anchor. Tomorrow we will see if it is a beach day, if not we will continue on our way home. The boat is running well and sailing nicely. More updates to come as we move closer to Maine waters.

All is well,

Capt J.